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Our flexible office solutions connect you to the world of workspaces from one easy-to-use hybrid work platform. Hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms - find your space, manage budgets, and empower your team, all in one place.

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"With Workabout, we've unlocked genuine flexibility for our UK employees, marking a significant shift, particularly for teams reliant on collaboration or  attending meetings, expos, or networking events without a designated workspace."

Ed Daughtrey

COO, Credit Suisse

"Workabout enhances the flexibility and productivity of our employees whilst providing a solution for us to book fully-equipped modern offices. They've curated spaces in Singapore and New York to facilitate our global expansion efforts."

Nick Morris

Founding Partner, Canvas8

"Workabout has seamlessly connected us with curated meeting spaces in Portugal and in London. Their intuitive platform streamlines the entire process, ensuring efficiency and flexibility and enhancing productivity in our operations."

Anu Costa Reis

Senior Product Director, Farfetch 

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Workspace variety: Unlocked

Hot Desks, Private Offices, Meeting Rooms - Tailored to Your Needs.

Hourly / Daily

Hot Desks

Our hot desk scheduling app lets employees book a workstation in a flexible, coworking space. Your employees will have the freedom to choose any desk that’s available in the workspace on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Private Day Offices

Day offices are fully-equipped, private office spaces that you can reserve on-demand for as little as one hour or as much as a full day. Think of day offices as your very own part-time private office. Book via our flexible office app.

Hourly / Daily

Meeting Rooms

Book on-demand meeting rooms for last-minute collaboration or big decision-making. Whether you need a small meeting room for two or a large boardroom, book a space via the Workabout® flexible office app.

Streamline your workspace experience with Workabout

Efficiency & flexibility: Redefined

Our hybrid work platform includes booking, budgeting, and analytics tools to allow you to work wherever you work best.

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Manage budgets & control spending

Control your workspace spend and say goodbye to unnecessary expenses by setting monthly budgets and allocating employee tiers.

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Book workspaces ahead of time

Plan ahead by giving your teams access to convenient top-quality flexible desks, hybrid workspaces and local meeting spaces when they need them most.

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Maximise ROI on your workspace

The demand for flexible rented workspace is growing. Boost your occupancy and introduce your hybrid workspaces to a new, eager market.

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Thousands of offices in one place

Browse coworking and hybrid workspaces from global and local providers with our easy-to-use flexible office app. Book the perfect space in just a few clicks.

Manage Hybrid Working

Flexible Workspace Booking App

Book hot desks and meeting rooms on demand from anywhere and transform your employees’ work-life balance for the better. Maximise ROI on your flexible workspace spend.

Browse Workspaces - Search hundreds of hot desks & event spaces across the UK

Reduce costs - stop paying for office spaces that employees don’t use

Improve efficiency - empower your people to work where they work best

Workabout Office Solutions

Workabout’s flexible office solutions

Workabout’s flexible office solutions include a hot desk booking app, on-demand meeting room booking, and private day offices across the UK. Give your employees access to the easy-to-use flexible office app so they can book desks in hybrid workspaces that are convenient to them.

Hot Desk Booking App

Analytics Suite to track spending & usage

Team Tracking to monitor working patterns

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Workabout for Employers

Craft a winning Workplace strategy

Boost productivity and wellbeing by empowering flexibility. Attract and retain top talent with Workabout’s workspace booking software.

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Offer workspace choice

Give your team the freedom to choose how - and where - they work best.

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Smart budgeting & booking

Accurately manage your resources and streamline hybrid workspace bookings.

Ready to transform your workspace?
Workabout for Workspace Partners

Connect your flexible workspaces with global businesses

Join Workabout® to showcase your workspace to leading global businesses. Enhance visibility, attract diverse clients, and seamlessly integrate our intuitive hybrid work platform into your current systems.

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The Workabout Blog

The latest news from Workabout

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Workabout is at the Hybrid Working Expo 2024

Workabout invites you to learn about flexible work solutions at the Hybrid Working Expo 2024, a comprehensive event exploring the future of work.
March 27, 2024
1 min read
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UK Flexible Working Law: What Businesses Need to Know in 2024

Is your business prepared for the 'Employment Rights Bill' 2024? The way we work in the UK is changing! New regulations on flexible working requests are here. Learn how to comply and attract top talent with a winning flexible working strategy.
March 27, 2024
1 min read
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Commuting vs Productivity

Excessive commutes are wasting valuable time, diminishing productivity, and impacting the environment. However, research reveals a compelling narrative: minimising commutes can significantly enhance individual and organisational wellbeing, fostering a more sustainable future. While remote work isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, prioritising workplace flexibility, optimised commutes, and a holistic approach to employee wellbeing can unlock a brighter future for your business.
February 23, 2024
3 min read
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Coworking and Technology: A Symbiotic Journey.

Technology and coworking have gone hand-in-hand, each step forward in tech enabling more flexible work arrangements and coworking spaces adapting to meet the needs of distributed teams. From dial-up connections to AI assistants, technology has fuelled the rise of remote work, while coworking spaces provide community and the infrastructure needed to thrive in a flexible work environment. The future holds promise for even more immersive collaboration tools and smarter AI, shaping a dynamic and connected work experience.
February 21, 2024
an image of an office used as a header for the blog

SaaS is Soaring...

The UK's SaaS industry is booming, projecting a revenue jump of +5.3% to £33.2 billion by 2025, fueled by digital transformation, AI integration, and innovative companies, setting a global benchmark for leveraging technology to drive economic resilience and business success. Read on to find out more.
February 19, 2024
3 min read
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Harness real-time workplace insights and leverage data

The modern business landscape is dynamic, fast-paced, and constantly evolving. In such an environment, possessing the ability to harness real-time insights about one's workplace can be a significant game-changer.
February 9, 2024
4 min read

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