Introducing Workabout

We build technology to help companies of all sizes manage the distributed workplace. Powerful booking technology makes on-demand access a breeze, and rich, actionable usage data and trends help users future-proof their real estate strategies.

image of an office event space
image of an office event space
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a meeting room
image of a private office

"At Workabout, we're reshaping the workspace landscape with cutting-edge SaaS tools. Our primary commitment is to boost productivity and collaboration through an accessible, all-in-one platform designed for team management and workspace efficiency. Our vision is a seamless blend of work and flexibility, anchored in value and user experience."

- Jeffrey Davidson, Founder

Workabout team

Let's get flexi

At Workabout, we believe flexible working is the future. So much so that all of our staff operate remotely and regularly use the Workabout platform to collaborate in-person. This not only empowers our staff, but also contributes to the success of the business.

About Workabout

Workabout Values

At Workabout everything we do is driven by our core values as a team.


We believe in transparency and fairness. We don't use credits to obfuscate prices. We also don't tie our users up with long term contracts. We believe in flexibility at its finest.


Everyone at Workabout® is curious by nature. We are always seeking to push the boundaries.


At Workabout® it is essential to us that we build trust between us and our customers.


We are a team of go getters. Always striving to hit larger goals, our team of experts are always on call to help.


We are always innovating, striving to stay ahead of the curve so we can best service our customers.

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Our greatest strength is that we face every challenge as a team. We are able to rely upon one-another in order to achieve our goals, fostering an environment of collaboration and productivity.

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