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Combat isolation & increase productivity with Workabout

Amidst a world more connected than ever, feelings of isolation and detachment have ironically become more prevalent.
November 13, 2023
3 min read

Amidst a world more connected than ever, feelings of isolation and detachment have ironically become more prevalent. Remote working, hailed as the modern solution to workspace challenges, has led to unintended isolation for many. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. With platforms like Workabout, you can bridge the gap, combat isolation, and witness a surge in productivity. Let’s explore how.

The Silent Challenge of Remote Work

The benefits of remote work are many, but they come at a cost. Feelings of detachment, lack of team spirit, and even mental health challenges can shadow the advantages. Research from Cambridge University indicates that remote workers often struggle with maintaining the same level of productivity and motivation as their office counterparts.

The Power of a Flexible Workspace

The solution lies not in discarding remote work but in redefining it. Here’s where the power of flexible workspaces, endorsed by platforms like Workabout, shines.

  • Foster Team Interaction: Occasional face-to-face team meetings in a shared workspace can renew bonds and strengthen team spirit.
  • Environment Change Boosts Creativity: Shifting between workspaces can invigorate the mind, pushing creative boundaries.
  • Professional Environment: A dedicated workspace can recreate the focused atmosphere of an office, reducing household distractions.

Seamless Transition with Workabout

Workabout’s platform offers a seamless experience for businesses looking to blend remote work with flexible workspaces.

  • Personalised Recommendations: Tailored workspace recommendations ensure that teams can find spaces that resonate with their brand ethos.
  • Tech Integration: Advanced tech tools on Workabout streamline the booking process, making transitions effortless.
  • Wide Network: A vast network of workspaces ensures you can find the perfect spot, be it for a team meet-up or individual brainstorming.

Case Studies: Turning the Tide

Several UK-based companies have leveraged the power of flexible workspaces to combat isolation and witnessed a remarkable uptick in productivity. Their stories are testament to the efficacy of this model.

A Brighter, Connected Future with Workabout

Workabout is more than just a platform—it's a beacon for businesses navigating the challenges of modern work patterns. By fusing the freedom of remote work with the camaraderie of shared spaces, businesses can create an environment where employees thrive.


The challenges of isolation in the remote work era are real, but they’re not insurmountable. By tapping into the potential of flexible workspaces and platforms like Workabout, businesses can usher in an era of heightened productivity, collaboration, and well-being.

Ready to redefine remote work and empower your team? Discover the transformative potential of flexible workspaces with Workabout.

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